Pat Roland, CTIC, is a personal image consultant and concierge. As the owner of Personal Assistant To You, Pat offers a variety of concierge services to individuals and businesses, allowing people to use their time more effectively. Services range from handling simple errands to party planning to internet marketing. With over 30 years of administrative, teaching and business experience, Pat founded Personal Assistant To You to help clients focus on what can be done rather than what can’t be done, using creative thinking and flexibility to bring the best solution to the forefront.

In 2009 Pat launched My Everyday Image to consult with and empower her clients to present their best image. Pat combines her business experience in the field of human resources and law, along with her training as a Certified Total Image Consultant, to teach the importance of projecting a professional image and how it can improve personal and business relationships, offer effective networking opportunities, and improve individual self-esteem–often resulting in career advancement and increased compensation. Services focus on physical appearance, body language, everyday etiquette and conflict resolution.

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