Baby, it’s getting cold outside!

Time to start thinking about warming up and vests are a great way to do that. They aren’t as bulky as a coat because the sleeveless design gives you more freedom of movement. But all vests are not created equal.


These three vests are all from Coldwater Creek. They all cost about the same price (approx. $100 for regular women sizes). While they are not all made of the same material, just a visual look can tell you a lot of things.

The Diamond Quilted Vest on the left gives the illusion of length because the eye will see the length of the diamonds before seeing the width of the diamonds. The princess seams tell the observer that there is, in fact, a woman’s body underneath, and the shiny snaps create a vertical element, again giving the illusion of length.

The center Ponte Perfect Vest has less bulk. While the zipper is the same color as the vest, dressing this up a bit, the vertical element is slimming. The diagonal lines keep your eyes moving toward the center of the body, emphasizing the feminine shape. Again, this vest has the princess seaming to keep it feminine.

The Puffer Collar Print Vest also has princess seaming. However, the seaming isn’t as effective as the seaming on the other bests because there are other elements that add weight. Horizontal lines add weight because they cause the eye to stop. The extra bulk with the flap over the zipper adds even more weight. What about the collar? Actually that does help offset some of the weight of the rest of the vest, bringing the eyes up. If you have a long neck, this might work well. If you have a tiny head or a short neck, it will get lost in all this fabric.

Where could you wear these? I would keep the puffer style as a coat option. Brisk fall days will be more comfortable, especially with the puffy neckline to keep the wind out. Add a turtle neck sweater and you are good to go! The diamond quilted vest is a more casual look best suited for jeans or other casual pant. The ponte vest if worn in a casual office environment would work with just about any bottom: denim skirt, dress pants, or corduroy pants. Paired with t-shirts it is casual; paired with collared shirts or blouses will dress it up. Because it is thinner in material, it won’t look like a coat and can even be worn under a coat, which would probably be difficult for with the puffer vest!

May you always look great!