AT_beige_suitMost people argue with me when I tell them should have at least one suit in their closet. I am not talking about the polyester suits you find at Younkers (although they have their purpose). I am talking about two-piece suits where you buy the jacket and pants separately (and in different sizes if you need to). Clients have expressed hesitation because a suit feels too structured, too stuffy or too boring. I can see where they get that feelings, especially when suits are presented in catalogs and in stores like the one pictured here from Ann Taylor.  You could fall asleep looking at this plain outfit. Thankfully the model is wearing a bright lip color.

But let’s take another look at this neutral suit. (Neutral colors are black, white, beige, navy, gray and brown.) It amazes me how many people coordinate their suit with only the top it came with or the one they bought at the same time. Stretch your imagination. Imagine how that suit will look with a simple change of top:

Clockwise from the upper left side we have:


Ann Taylor Diamond Shibori Top. The lines create the hour-glass shape so will be very flattering.

Loft Shirred Top. This top has a lot of texture (see last post) so it will add interest to the “boring” suit.

Ann Taylor Crepe Shell. Simplicity at its finest. Nothing more need be said. Well, okay, I’d probably put a statement necklace with it!

Land’s End Ruffle Collar Blouse. If you like a bit of femininity to contrast the masculine pant suit, this is your ticket. Don’t both trying to get the ruffles to go over the suit lapels. Just let them lay down flat under the jacket. They will still look frilly.

Notice that all the tops have either bright colors, patterns or texturizing–anything to add interest.

Now that you’ve experimented a bit with different tops, think of all the possibilities you can do if you just use the jacket with a floral or denim skirt. Pair the jacket with a sundress and you will be comfortable in all the air conditioning. The pants will look great in the early fall with a gorgeous sweater or long-sleeve blouse. 

Go find your suit!