Maxi dresses can sometimes be difficult to wear. The long column of fabric can certain hide a multitude of sins! While these images were taken from Lane Bryant, which specializes in plus size clothing, the concepts are really the same–whether you are a size 2 or a size 22.

Since most women tell me they don’t like their abdomen, I’ve chosen these dresses to discuss how to camouflage that area. View these dresses and see which one(s) you think are the most flattering:



  1. Flowered Maxi: Large patterns tend to make people look larger. Thus, it is difficult for me to understand why a designer would design something for large women that makes them look even larger! Not that large women shouldn’t be able to enjoy patterns–they certainly should. This patter would overwhelm just about anybody!
  2. Strapless Maxi: Notice how the pattern is much smaller and more subtle in the main body of this dress. This keeps the eye moving to the bold pattern on the bottom. The empire line of the dress calls attention to a small part of the female anatomy. Usually a change in the pattern would make the person look heavier. But the horizontal stripes below the knee help to offset the open shoulder area.
  3. Striped Maxi: Gray is rarely anyone’s best color, rounded necklines tend to add fullness and horizontal strips usually make us look much wider. The only person I could see getting away with this is someone with a very large chest who wanted to draw attention away from the chest (and I would definitely add a necklace). But no matter who is wearing this, it had better not get caught on a rounded rump, causing the stripes to “wave.” Not a good look!
  4. Tru To You Maxi: Bright colors, diagonal stripes and an asymmetrical hemline all make this dress stand out over the rest. Anytime you want to minimize an area, put a diagonal stripe over it. Even with the rounded neckline (they claim it’s a v-neck), the attention goes to the pattern and the result is more slenderizing. While I can’t be 100% sure, I think this model is the same as the first model. They look quite different!

Which one is your favorite?