Back from vacation in Florida for a few weeks at the end of January and this cold weather is tough! The day we left Florida it was 85 degrees at 10:30 am. When we awoke in Iowa the next day, there was six inches of snow and the wind chill was below zero!

talbots_ankle_pantWhile looking through the catalogs that arrived while I was gone, I noticed Talbot’s “One Fine Day” collection. The clothing is bright, fitted and professional looking. The ankle pant worn with heels is on trend. (Don’t let your heels get higher than 3″ as it will diminish your professionalism.) While the blouse might be a bit drab for the more adventurous woman, they have plenty of other tops in bright colors to keep you feeling happy!

A word of note about ankle pants, or any other trend for that matter: be careful when you try to transfer the trend to other similar clothing items. For instance, the ankle pant is slim fitting. This allows the eye to see the length of the leg, even when it is cut off at the ankle. The look would be totally off if you tried to wear a boot cut pant at your ankle. That would say “high water” pants. (And you remember what the cool kids said about people who did that in high school!)

The other classy look Talbot’s is showing in their Spring catalog is the length of their dresses–right at the knee. This is the most universally flattering length. The Ann Taylor Loft look uses a short sheath to keep their dress looking fun. Talbot’s look takes the v-neck dress and adds a pop of hot pink in the shoe to keep their outfit looking fun. When either of these models sits down, the dress will ride up another inch or two, making the shorter skirt even shorter and, thus, less professional. This is what makes certain clothing timeless–the ability to wear it multiple ways and be appropriate for multiple age ranges.