Ding Dong Report:
Campaign 2 orders due January 2, 2013

C2_bookletI have been looking for a new skin care regimen as the one I had been using for over 25 years was no longer keeping up with my dry skin—especially in the winter. My skin is sensitive so many brands sting. I took Avon’s skincare quiz, marking that I didn’t have many wrinkles and that my skin wasn’t sagging (my high school friends said I have great skin!). The recommended product was Reversalist. The first thing I noticed was that the cleanser was very good at removing dirt and oil from the skin. And the night cream was fabulous! The most moisturized my skin has ever felt without feeling greasy! Two weeks into the test I realized that this level of skincare wasn’t right for me. While the night cream was great, the day cream wasn’t able to moisturize me enough after using the cleanser.

I decided to take a closer look at my skin, get honest about what was happening, and re-take the quiz. The reality of it is that I DO have some fairly deep wrinkles on my forehead (I hate honesty). And I do have some discolorations on my skin (I do NOT have dark circles under my eyes). So I ordered the Ultimate 7S series. After one week I can tell this regimen is much better for my skin. After cleansing my skin doesn’t feel tight, it just feels clean. The day moisturizer is thicker than I expected, but no flaky dry skin at the end of the day and no greasy feeling–YEA!

footworks_bundleOther notables in Campaign 2 are the Save-A-Bundle Sets for $9.99:

I tried the perfumed skin softeners and they are great to rub on wrists and neckline for a hint of scent rather than an overpowering one. When working, keep scents to a minimum so others won’t be distracted. Scents should give you an essence of femininity rather than an aggressive presence. I’ve been using Candid. Mix and match on sale this week: 3 for $9.99.

Contact me for samples of products:

  • Genics Treatment Cream (on sale now for $24.99)
  • Pro Line Eraser Eye Treatment. This will premier in a few weeks and the price is usually the lowest at that time.

What are your favorite skin care products? They don’t have to be Avon. We just want to hear about your experiences with products you love!