Orders Due: 12/16/12 and should arrive by December 22, unless back ordered. Let me know if you need it for Christmas and I can check availability.

pro_line_eraser_treatmentTaking care of your skin all year long is vital to looking youthful and vibrant. However, in the winter skin is bombarded with changing temperatures and wind, so paying attention to your skin care is even more important. As a general rule of thumb, Avon’s skincare lines are generally set for age ranges:

  • Rejuvenate – 30+ when your skin is showing early signs of aging
  • Reversalist – 40+ as your skin shows moderate signs of aging
  • Ultimate 7S – 50+ for skin with advanced signs of aging
  • Platinum – 60+ for those with serious signs of aging

As you know, skin condition is as unique as you are. Take the Skincare Quiz to determine which product in which line would offer the most benefits for you. Special skin care products are on sale this campaign and include: Pro Line Eraser Treatment that is among ivillage.com’s “Beauty Products We Love” and Genetics Eye Treatment.

It’s the holidays and if you want to join in the celebration, now is the time to bring out your glamor girl side. Enter Diamonds Eye Liner for $3.49 each. These are an inexpensive way to add a bit of glamor to your regular makeup routine. They aren’t for the everyday office, but will be appropriate for an office party. You can also tuck Sparkling Silver, Black Ice, or Smoky Diamond into your purse for those after-work parties. Want to be even more bold? Add some shimmery Cream Eye Shadow in Sparkling Plum or Winter Taupe (also $3.49).

Perfumes are fine for holiday parties or out with friends. They can be worn at work, but remember to be very, very subtle with it. Try a Perfumed Skin Softener (now 2 for $4)—a little dab’l do ya!

red_chocolate_cake_candleYou may recall my post on gift-giving at the office. Don’t do it if you don’t have to. If you must, these Scented Candles: Frosted Gingerbread, Red Chocolate Cake or Cranberry and Cinnamon are on special for $4.99 each. Now you can join in the holiday spirit without breaking the bank or giving something inappropriate. These are great hostess gifts for those last-minute parties or when someone shows up with a gift for you that you weren’t expecting! Heck, grab a couple for your own enjoyment. Certainly Red Chocolate Cake isn’t just for the holidays!

bling_tape_measureAdd a bit of dazzle to your everyday life with the Bejeweled Collection. I must admit, I will have to add the tape measure to my kit when I meet with clients!