There are so many interesting things to find on the internet and I recently have been playing around with With so many products, you can create so many looks. Here’s one I pulled together that is trendy, yet still work-appropriate. I think the bag is the star of this outfit.

What’s right about this:

  • The blazer is a great color! It’s fitted and the lapels are structured, but the second set of lapels tells everyone that this is not traditional.
  • The pencil skirt is always a go-to and will remain timeless. The black-on-black texture helps offset the extra material in the jacket.
  • Booties with a skirt might seem a bit of a stretch for some traditional offices. But the black tights minimize the trendiness. Notice that the heel high is reasonable. The company calls it a “kitten heel,” which I would have said is much lower, but it’s less than 2″, so it works in the workplace.
  • Love the animal print bag. Yes, the bag has texture, as does the skirt, but the textures are different so they can play well together.
  • The necklace is a statement piece, but it isn’t too loud. Great for the office because it is simple and not fussy.

Give a try. See what outfits you can come up with!