What are your first thoughts when you read those words? Did you think of the recent announcement of the closing of Hostess? Or, did you think of a slogan years ago from a company that went door to door, selling items.

Well, the slogan said, “Ding-dong, Avon calling.” This company has now been in business for over 125 years. They must be doing something right. One of the things they are doing right is in the makeup sector of their business. I use some of their products when I work with clients and after several have mentioned they don’t have an Avon representative, I decided to help out. So, I’ll be doing some ding-dongs myself!

In this new electronic age, I won’t be ringing many doorbells. I’ll be adding a section to my newsletters and blogs call the Ding-Dong Report, along with a link to my Avon website.

The first Ding-Dong Report focuses on the products I have recommended in the past that were Avon products:

  • True Color Eyeshadow Quad – Mocha Latte. This is is the one I use every day. I don’t have to think about what color my outfit is or anything else. I put this on every day. It takes less than a minute becuase I only use two of the colors. The lightest one for the highlighter, the darkest one for the crease. But I’m trying a new one also: Mega Impact Shadow – Nude Attitude.


  • Lip Color – I tried a few lip colors last year and thought Wink was the best pink. However, I didn’t think it beat out L’Oreal’s Peony Pink, so didn’t use it as my demo color. So, I’m testing out two options in the Beyond Color Plumping Lip Color: Divine Wine and Mad for Mauve. The pictures in the catalog look quite a bit different than the pictures I could find online. That’s what makes trying things so much fun!

I’ll keep you posted. Any Avon products you’re already using that you can help recommend to others?