About a month ago I noticed a hole in one of my winter sweaters! Then I noticed that my black denim skirt was looking a bit tired. If your basics start to look drab, it’s time for new ones. You would think basics would be fairly easy to find. Alas, this is not true.

My Kohl’s coupon (30% off) arrived in the mail and I went on-line rather than fight the racks at the store. Out of the seven items I ordered (free shipping) from Kohl’s, I kept two. One of them is a black gored skirt in corduroy. The skirt is a great basic for the winter as it looks great with boots and pairs well with jackets.

I also tried Coldwater Creek on-line. My order was a total of $431.21 (free shipping). Alas, nothing worked and I had to return everything! Since I wanted to check out Coral Ridge Mall, the return didn’t cost me anything. After two hours at the mall, I left empty-handed. Even an image consultant can get frustrated at the lack of options!

As I was headed to Chicago soon, I shopped on-line at Macy’s. Order $144.94 worth of merchandise (free shipping) and kept one item–animal print top. Although not great for the winter, I’m headed to Florida in January so it will come in handy.

Speaking of heading to Florida, I still hadn’t found a black denim skirt so I checked out Beall’s–free shipping and a no-deadline return policy. I picked up a black denim skirt along with a dark denim skirt. If I decide I don’t like them, I’ll return them when I go down there.

Back to that sweater with the moth hole–I finally found cotton blend v-neck sweaters at JC Penney and picked up two: black and “verve-violet.” These can be worn alone or with a blouse under them.

Land’s End (also free shipping) had some short-sleeve shells in basic colors (dark cobalt blue and rich raspberry). They aren’t the most exciting things, but worn under jackets, they add a pop of color. One of the items didn’t work and I can return it to my local Sears store for no-cost returns.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything unique while I was searching for the basics. But I know my wardrobe will be ready whenever I find it. That’s what basics do. They wait patiently, doing nothing spectacular on their own, until you find something unique that really shows your true sense of style! Christmas is coming . . .