Things are really looking up for one of my clients. After working together, she was quoted and pictured by the Waterloo Courier’s women’s magazine “b true” in an article about “Fashionistas.”

In her 40s, Barb Scoles of Elk Run Heights lost 100 pounds on Weight Watchers, transformed herself into a runner and finished college on what she jokingly calls “the 25-year plan.”

Now 53, Scoles wants to polish her look. “That’s important to me professionally. I don’t want to be the person in the office perceived as too old to do something new. I want to look like someone who can do the job.

“I don’t feel old, so I don’t want to present myself as old.”

So she hired an image consultant to dig into her closet a la TV’s “What Not To Wear” and weed out the “coulds, shoulds and giveaways” in her professional and casual wardrobes. She had her colors done, experimented with new makeup and listened to advice on how to pull together great looks.

“It was eye-opening,” Scoles said, “I had suits from size 16 to 8. I had long jackets that didn’t fit my body shape. She told me I needed short jackets. I had several tops in that warm coral color that’s so popular — I love the color but I can’t wear because it doesn’t flatter my skin tone,” she laughed.

Barb’s transformation from a “plain Jane” to her “15 minutes of fame” came after attending a Style Evolution Boot Camp–a full day of image consulting for up to 5 people: color analysis, body awareness, wardrobe review, office-appropriate makeup lesson, power of accessories and wardrobe basics. We even found time to head to mall for a brief shopping trip.

Style Evolution Boots Camps are scheduled throughout the year. Or, if you’ve got a group of friends who want to plan one for a specific date, let me know.

PS: Just have to share Barb’s “before” photo. I’m sure you’ll agree . . . A Start Is Born!