Apparently JC Penney and I have different ideas on what is appropriate for wearing to work. These three items appeared in their latest mailer. Some I agree with, others I definitely don’t.

The outfit on the left is completely inappropriate for an office setting. I don’t care if you never see the client, you see your co-workers and an off-the-shoulder top says sex. Ditto with the chandelier earrings. This woman looks like she is more interested in looking sexy than successful.

The center outfit is certainly much better. However, sometimes lace can be tricky. Because it is worn with a nigher neckline top, it tones down the “sexy” black lace look. The outfit would be better if the skirt was below the knee.

The outfit on the right is the best one JC Penney was showing in this spread. While I wouldn’t recommend this to the woman striving for the corner office in a conservative business, it is fun and trendy and still appropriate. I do not have a problem with the length of this skirt. While it is even a bit shorter the the center skirt, it is toned down by the tights. The booties say modern without being over the top. While I like the necklace, I think it is hanging a bit too low on her torso, drawing the eye down rather than bringing the attention up to her face.

Which outfit do you think works best at your place of employment? Why?