“Repondez, s’il vous plaît” Do you know what to do when you receive an invitation that asks for an RSVP? It means that they want to know whether you or anybody else is attending the event. That means they need to know YES or NO–either way. The majority of invitations that ask for an RSVP also include a “respond by” date.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people just ignore the RSVP request. Some respond, but don’t do so in the time frame indicated. Imagine you have invited 300 people to a wedding that you are throwing on behalf of your daughter (tradition says the bride’s family pays for the event). The catering company will charge you $30 per person. If you don’t know how many people actually plan to attend, you might be forced to assume everyone will, thus your bill would be $9,000.

How would you feel if only 175 of those 300 people actually showed up? Your bill could have been only $5,250. But since the catering company had to prepare food for 300, you are forced to pay the entire $9,000 bill. If the cost doesn’t stop you in your tracks, consider the amount of wasted food–because once prepared and served, it can’t be taken back and re-served.

Holiday parties may not be weddings, but the planning that goes into determining how much food to make and the cost of the event are the same. Even those jewelry/skin care/home decor parties you are invited to matter. The hostess usually never hears back from half of the people invited so has no choice than to prepare enough treats for everyone. (When this happens to me I end up eating the leftovers–definitely not good!)

Get into the habit of responding. Get into the habit of responding in a timely manner. Hostesses will love you and think positive thoughts about you. Hmmm, isn’t that what image is all about?