My Everyday Image’s Fall Fashion Event was held on September 23, and I had a houseful of women looking forward to seeing stay professional and stylish while staying on budget.

Front and center was the timeless black suit from Vonmaur. The material is very important and needs to drape properly, causing the suit to be more flexible—separating the pants from the jacket and using them in different outfits. The pants with a jean jacket, the jacket with a patterned skirt, etc.

Many jackets have flap pockets, these were slits. Flap pockets add bulk at the waist, abdomen or hip area. Few women like to add weight there! The pockets on most suits are sewn together when purchased and should stay that way. Don’t get into the habit of stuffing your pockets with keys, tissues or cash cards. It stretches out the material, thus adding bulk!

Using cool bright colors in your top (these are from Sears) softens the black, making it more friendly. Adding lapel pins with a bit of whimsy can also minimize the harshness of the black suit.

The hit of the afternoon was, of course, the stylish casual outfit consisting of a red leather jacket, simple white blouse and boot cut jeans. If “I can wear jeans to work” is your favorite saying, this is what your outfit ( should look like if you want to maintain your professionalism.

A long-sleeve single breasted white blouse is the most versatile item in your wardrobe.  Over a shell as a jacket or under a sweater, vest, or blazer. Add jeans, pants, skirt, or jumper, the possibilities just keep going.

Dark wash jeans in a simple boot cut with a bit of stretch in the material will never go out of style. Jeans are eternal when they fit properly. The dark wash adds an air of elegance to any outfit. Don’t ever give up your image for comfort.

Single-breasted red leather jacket is timeless and edgy at the same time. The lines of the jacket follow the natural curve of a woman’s body. This scrumptious jacket comes in a variety of colors and the $99 price tag was very reasonable. The leather was soft and supple, which you don’t often find, even at the pricier stores. One woman tried it on and would have seriously considered it, but alas, it was not long enough for her body style.

There was a variety of jewelry on displayed picked up from Kohl’s. One person bought two pieces right there at the event. I don’t normally sell items, but it was one less thing for me to have to return to the store!

Keep your eyes open for the next free event.