Is organization important when it comes to your image? Think about the areas that profit from organization:

  1. Clothing: Having an organized plan means you learn what is the most complimentary to your personal style. Then you sorting through what you have and weeding out what doesn’t present the image you want to make. This makes shopping for clothing easier because you don’t become distracted by all the “stuff” in the fashion magazines. Knowing what looks good on you and keeping those things readily available in your closet means you will be dressed in a flash.
  2. Office: Does that have any impact on your image? When I used to work in a law office, the secretaries had a rule: if you couldn’t put your hands on it in 30 seconds, then you needed a new organizing system! Think about how you feel when your boss comes into your office area and asks for a document you were working on last week, last month or last year. I think the boss would be willing to wait for 30 seconds while you put your hands on it, but if they need to stand around while you are searching, it makes you look less competent. Sure, you could tell the boss that you will get it to them later, but in today’s world later isn’t always soon enough. Develop a system of organization and stick to it. It will keep your career going in the right direction.
  3. Communication: Do you even think about organization when you are communicating? You should. Communications should be concise in order to keep the person’s attention—whether it’s communicating verbally or in writing. Start with the main objective. If the individual wants more information, give them more information as needed. People who have to tell the entire story before they get to the purpose of the story don’t progress up the corporate ladder very quickly. If you tell the story in bullet points, much like this post is written, people will be able to quickly see what you are trying to say.  Written communication should be done in a similar manner. Again, like this post, if there is an area you want to review, you can quickly go there because I have highlighted the areas.

Keeping information concise keeps the reader engaged. If they want more information, they will ask for it. Is there anything listed above that you want more information about? Just ask!