You may recall a couple of weeks ago when I touted the wonders of self-tanning lotions. Well, I got myself into a bit of a “mess” with it the other day. In preparations for an upcoming cruise, I started to use self-tanning lotions on areas not usually seen when wearing my business attire. The next day I awoke to streaks on one of my hands! The streaks were in the web area between my fingers and on the fingers of my left pinkie and ring finger. No one else would probably even notice the slight streaks, but I did! I then checked the area I was tanning to make sure no streaks were there. Relief, no problems there (remember I use the lightest color and massage it in carefully).

This was a surprise to me because I am not a new user to these lotions and I always wash my hands after application. But apparently I was in a rush and forgot to do this step. A quick internet search brought up some of the favored ways of removing the stains/streaks. The first one was to soak the area in baby oil for approximately 30 minutes, then exfoliate using a scrub or loofah. No way can I sit for 30 minutes and do nothing. (This is one of the reasons I never did well with sun worshiping. Way too boring to just lay there.)

The second suggestion was using the juice from a lemon. Not something I keep on hand. I do however keep ReaLemon (from concentrate) on hand, so I thought I’d give that a try. I soaked a cotton ball in the juice and started to rub the area between my fingers that had the stains/streaks. I could actually see the color coming off and on the cotton ball. I washed my hands and then let them dry for a few minutes to see where things were at. I needed a second application before the streaks were barely visible. The process took about 15 minutes. Gotta love that Google!

So, did I learn any lessons from this. Will I discontinue using self-tanning lotions? No, I’m going to continue using the lotions (always the lightest tone, always using a small amount at a time). But I am probably going to be more careful about washing my hands afterwards. If I have the same problem in the future, now I know how to handle it!

Any other solutions for self-tanning streaks?