Timeless or trendy, each one of us is able to determine which is more important to us. Trendy is pretty easy to spot–just look at the latest fashion magazines. However, may women have difficulty when it comes to timeless. One of the best ways to determine if something is timeless is whether it is a design that is attractive on a majority of body shapes.

Patterns: Small patterns tend to be timeless because whether you are large or small, a smaller pattern tends to be more flattering. Compare these two items, both from JC Penney.

  • The bold blue, black and white print may be all the rage, but if you tend to have a larger behind, these shorts will not be your friend.
  • The black and white print is all over and difficult to see where it starts and stops. This keeps the eye moving. Additionally, black and white will always be stylish. Whether they are the “in” colors or not, black and white are neutrals and can be worn with a multitude of tops in solid colors.

As long as we are looking at these two items, let’s talk about length:

  • The shortness of the shorts is another issue. Shorts this short look good on young teens and twenty-somethings. But moving into your 30s and beyond, the average woman’s legs aren’t quite as lovely in this short attire.
  • Knee length on the other hand tend to be more flattering because the upper part of the thigh is the first to show signs of aging (cellulite). Since this is a skort, it can still function as a pair of shorts, but the skirt element makes it a bit more stylish and feminine.

And did you know that width makes a difference:

  • Shorts tend to sit closer to the leg and thus makes the leg look heavier since there is less material surrounding it.
  • Skirts/skorts usually fall fuller, thus making the leg look thinner in comparison to the width of the skirt.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, Certified Total Image Consultant