Sometimes men have it so easy. All they need to do for a power suit is to wear a dark suit, white shirt and a patterned red or maroon tie and, POW, they look powerful. (Brooks Brothers)

That is why I found it so very sad when I did a search for “women power suit” and one of the first pictures that popped up was this:

If you stood these two people side by side, there would be no question as to who is the more powerful. When I look at this woman, I want to fall asleep. There is absolutely no color in her entire outfit. This translates to me that she is an unimaginative person. Yes, she might get the job done, but that is all you will get. Now, compare it to another image I found (Lord & Taylor).

What a difference (and I don’t even like brown)! But this professional went with some color in her blouse, even used a pattern and then topped it all off with a feminine ruffle. She doesn’t look like some frilly girl. She looks like she is alive, awake, energized and ready to work.

Let’s bump it up a notch and look at Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo:

This woman exudes power without being threatening. The dark suit says authority. The structure of the suit (set-in sleeves, straight lines) tells us she means business and the red scarf and bright lip color tells us she is engaged, energized and ready to take on whatever business hurtle she might face next without leaving dead bodies in her wake.

Indra, you are my go-to person for what image I want to project. Who do you want to emulate?