Even career-minded people get a break from work now and again (although technology has definitely blurred that line). But don’t let your image down just because it is the weekend. Smart weekend clothing can be just as important. Remember, you never know when your next opportunity will present itself. It could be a networking session at the grocery store or just a friendly hello at the garden center.

Skirts can still be your best friend, even on the weekends. Instead of thinking of a skirt as a piece of a suit, think of a skirt as a tool in the summer for keeping cool. The air flow is so much better with a skirt than a pair of shorts. Trying to play it casual? Grab a skirt rather than shorts. You will immediately look more “put together.” If you often wear shorts and a t-shirt, like this example from Eddie Bauer, why not switch out the shorts for a casual skirt? A slim skirt can emphasize your smaller hips. Or a fuller skirt can make your legs look thinner.

The fabric should be something “breathable,” like cotton or a cotton blend, which includes denim. Avoid man-made fabrics as they tend to retain the heat. This option from Eddie Bauer offers a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, dries quickly and provides UV 40 sun protection. Want your legs to look longer? Grab the neutral color and wear with neutral flats!

Avoid long, straight skirts as they tend to make you look too contained. Summer is about easiness. If you want to wear a longer skirt, find one that hits your leg anywhere but at the widest point (mid-calf)–just below the knee or at your ankle is best. It should also be fuller so that walking isn’t a challenge.

What are your thoughts on skirts vs. shorts?