WONDERING WOMAN: What do you think about Hillary Clinton’s recent chat about her makeup?


Answer: My first thought is, I think it’s sad that this becomes a topic for the press and talk shows for women but not for men. No one seems to be interviewing male politicians and asking them why they wear gray shirts when it makes them look tired and less powerful. No one suggests that they shouldn’t wear their glasses or remind them that a French blue shirt with a red tie looks more friendly. In my opinion, anyone who wants to be taken seriously needs to take their image seriously.

That being said, I think Hillary should wear her glasses when she needs to; I think she should pull her hair back when she needs to. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to care about her image. I was disappointed that Hillary didn’t take the opportunity to mention that her image is important because she represents our entire country every single minute of every single day. Same goes for every politician. That’s the job they chose.

It would have been nice if the Secretary of State could have stressed the difference between presenting a professional image and trying to look like a sexy celebrity. Politician are not about glamour or sex. Their job is to instill confidence in the people who elect them to office. Confidence that they can get the job done and then do just that!

What’s your take on the subject?