I don’t like it when my clothing makes me look heavier than I already am. Yet, I think that is what happens when you add special “washes” to fabric. As we can see from these three images (from the Macy’s website), the skirts on the left and the right have “washed-out” spots on the thigh area. This causes the eye to stop this area. When the eye stops, it adds weight. If you want to add weight to your thighs, then special washes might be for you.

I want people to focus on my face and not call attention to my thighs, so I’m opting for the dark denim without special washes. I think it looks polished, sophisticated and more professional than the others.

Because I’m not adding extra weight with the white spots, I don’t have to cut back on the Dairy Queen this summer!

Share with us how you support your ice cream habit?