Traditionally, companies relax their dress codes during the warm summer months, starting on Memorial Day. But don’t let summer be your downfall. You can still present a great image while fitting in with your colleagues during the summer casual season.

  1. Stripes are really “in” this year and just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you can’t wear it. The navy and white stripe blazer against the pop of red keeps you looking  fresh. While I don’t encourage jeans in the workplace, these dark wash jeans will keep your image on the professional side.
  2. While sweaters don’t have as much structure as jackets, they can still say “professional” with power jewelry. This necklace continues the color scheme, but don’t let that keep you from trying a pop of contrasting color–green, turquoise, yellow. Just make sure the necklace is strong enough to make a statement. A patterned scarf can often do the same thing!
  3. If you can wear jeans to work, a skirt is the best way to go. The crisp white top with the collar and the shaping shows you are a woman and you aren’t a slouch.
  4. Speaking of skirts, just because it is warm outside doesn’t mean that your skirt length rises with the temperature. This is the shortest your skirt should be in a work environment. Remember, when you sit down, the skirt rides up. Always test this before you make your purchase.
  5. This look says casual without using jeans. The safari jacket is soft but the drawstring waist still gives you structure, along with the lapels. The light pants are offset by the multiple pockets on the top, keeping this person in balance.
  6. Horizontal stripes are always more casual than vertical stripes. Lots of color going on here, which also makes it more casual. It is important that this look is belted. Otherwise, we would not be able to see the shape. A woman should not flaunt her shape, but she doesn’t try to hide that fact that she is a woman, either. With an open neckline make sure you don’t have any cleavage showing.
  7. Take your standard black jacket and turn it white; take your standard black pants and turn them beige–instantly a more casual look. None of the pieces match, but by using soft colors they coordinate.
  8. A polo dress, with its horizontal stripes always says casual. Note that the horizontal lines are closer together. The closer together they are, the less wide you will appear.

Which one of these summer looks would you wear? What’s your “go-to” summer look?