I carry around a lot of “stuff” like most every women: cash, credit cards, cell phone, iPod, reading glasses, pens, tissues, extra business cards (mine and new acquaintances), and a makeup bag.

My makeup bag has a lipstick (today it’s Wild Plumb by L’Oreal), a small mirror, tweezers, nail file, dental floss and a tinted lip balm. I don’t carry a comb, brush or hair spray because my hairstyle is supposed to look messy!

My purse preference is one large container because I  can never remember which divider I use for my wallet. So thanks to my friend Jan W., I sort my stuff into groups of smaller bags. Because I tend to reach for my purse while I am keeping my eyes on the road, I have bags of different textures so that I can easily grab what I am looking for.

  • My wallet is the largest item because it contains my cash and credit cards. It’s pretty easy to find, even in the dark, but just to be sure, it’s leather, closes with a wrap around zipper and has metal studs on it.
  • I have a clear vinyl zip top makeup bag that is my life saver! I can grab that baby and know immediately if I remembered to pack the right lip color. No scrounging around in a dark hole for those tweezers or nail file.
  • Both of those sit inside a purse organizer. Locally you can pick these up in black at It’s Simply Serendipity, a new gift and consignment store on Third Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids. The purse organizer has pockets around the outside where I store reading glasses, extra pens, business cards, tissues, my iPod and my cell phone.

If I want to change purses, I just grab the purse organizer and drop it into another purse. Quick as a wink, I’m out the door.

What’s in your purse and how do you keep it organized?

Pat Roland, Certified Total Image Consultant