Scrolling through a Chadwick’s catalog, I ran across some items that caught my attention. The two items were interesting because they can be used to camouflage a small tummy bulge: Drapey 3-Piece Knit Ensemble and Knot Front Blouse.

Lest you just automatically order this, I want to point out what about these items make them a good candidate for those interested in minimizing their stomach. The gathering above the stomach area causes the eye to think the material/design is making that area look larger. It is very important that the bow or knot sit above the stomach area and not on the stomach area. If the bow/knot sits too low, it will only draw attention to that area, which is not the goal of those trying to minimize the area.

It is also important that the top covers at least 3/4 of the stomach area. Basically, the top needs to go beyond the largest point by at least 2 inches. The larger the area, the longer the top needs to be.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, Certified Total Image Consultant