Welcome to 2012!

We are now into the next biggest shopping season of the year–Post Holiday Sales! As with any big sale, you need to be prepared in order to make sure you are spending your money wisely. Before picking up that great deal, consider the following:

  1. COLOR: Is it your best colors? If you don’t know what your best colors are, this would be a good time for a color analysis. If you choose an item based on the low price, you may find that the color is either horrid on you or “just fine.” And “just fine” isn’t an investment shopping smart decision.
  2. SHAPE: A great price does not mean that the shape is good for your particular body shape. Do you know your body shape? Do you know how to find items that create balance and draw attention to your assets? Loving the color and the style of an item doesn’t ensure that it will love you back.
  3. DO YOU NEED IT: Before you go shopping, take an inventory of what is currently in your closet. I know you love black, but do you really need another black dress–even if it is only $20. I spoke with a woman recently who admitted to owning 28 black dresses! If you already own a few black dresses (cocktail dress, work dress and casual dress) think about another color when you are hitting the sales. Speaking of color, refer to #1 above.
  4. RULE OF THREE: I’ve said this many times and it is VITAL before heading out to the sales. Make sure anything you purchase goes with at least three other items currently in your closet. When  closet shopping (#3 above), make note of items that aren’t meeting this rule. Think about what you could add to your current collection that would bring items into compliance. Make a list and check it twice before purchasing. Otherwise, that current item will continue to hide in your closet. Worse, a new purchase might be destined to the same fate!

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, Certified Total Image Consultant