Recently attended an event where Andy Paige, nationally known fashion consultant, spoke and provided many great tips. One that caught my attention was about accessories. Many woman say that they don’t wear them because they don’t have time to put them on. But Andy pointed out (and I totally agree) that it isn’t that we don’t have time to put them on, it is that we don’t have time to FIND them and put them on.

Since accessories are where you get to express your personality, keeping them organized and accessible is a sure way to “grab and go.” Some of the organizing tools I use for jewelry include:

  • Thread spool hung on the wall (using Command Strips to keep the wall undamaged). I hang my necklaces over the rung and I can see everything I want quickly. (Available at WalMart or your closet fabric store.) For jewelry sets, I put them in little sheer white pouches and then hang the pouch on the rung. (Available at Michaels.)
  • I keep my earrings in a little drawer on my dresser. The organizing tool I use is actually the tray from the frozen quiche I found at Sam’s Club. I love recycling items and finding new uses for them. There are 20 little circles and each circle hold one sets of earrings.

Keep your accessories modern, organized and accessible. May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC