In 2010, Sandra Bullockwas voted Best Dressed at the Oscars. I think it was her lip color that made the entire outfit. Since then I have seen more and more celebrities with bright lips. Even People StyleWatch (Nov. 2011, pg. 184) jumped on the bandwagon, recommending L’Oreal’s Wild Plum as a color that looks good on everyone. The secret is that bright lip colors make you look younger, more vibrant and when wearing one with a pink undertone, your teeth look whiter. Who doesn’t want that!

Wild Plum has been my go-to color for two years, so I went color shopping the other day. What fun! My goal was to find colors that had enough pink in them to brighten up the face but also had some purple in them to deal with the darker shades worn in Autumn and Winter. Here is my research and my favorite’s from each company:

The Lancome counter had the most colors fitting my requirements (as shown by my scribbles), but my favs were Wannabe and All Done Up (image on left). If you are looking for a great holiday red, try L’Absolute Rouge or Red Chiffon (a little less intense).

If you are loyal to Clinique, my scribbles drew me to Cranberry Cream. I admit this color was a bit dark and dramatic, but it was sooooo beautiful! Fresh Watermelon is another great color.

Working with Kim Fehlhalfer, a distributor for Arbonne, our scribblings found luscious and moisturizing colors including Jam (shown on right) and Bordeaux.

I’m also a fan of Mary Kay’s Berry Kiss, which has just the right blend of pink and purple to wear with dark brown (which can often drain color from the face so a bright lip color is just the ticket). Another holiday color, Red says and does it all!

Drugstore makeup counters offer friendly prices, coupons and return policies (always check first). At Walgreens, if you don’t like the color, you can return it! Maybelline has some great colors, such as Madison Mauve and Yummy Plummy.

Let’s hear from those of you who have found some new bright lip colors this season.

May you always look great (like Jessica Alba wearing this bright color)!

Pat Roland, CTIC