While my husband watched Sunday Night Football, I headed to Kohl’s. I had a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase and after blogging about the deals in Sunday’s paper, I HAD to see what was available. Here are the results:

I picked up an $80 Chaps zebra print blouse ($23.60) and black denim leggings ($7.20). No photos as they were last season’s offerings. I’ll wear these with flat black leather boots and a belt (previous purchases). This will be a different look for me, but I need to stretch myself if I am encouraging my clients to stretch. And, yes, I followed my Rule of Three*, but those outfits are more in my regular style of outfits. No fears, I can always return things to Kohl’s! (*Rule of Three: All purchases have to coordinate with at least three other items already in your closet or don’t purchase it.)

I also picked up some earrings, which is a struggle for me as I want to look professional but not too boring. These silver textured earrings ($9.80) are simple but bold and hug my face so I don’t have “Mickey Mouse” ears!

These are my new fav’s ($9.80). A bit of movement, but the shape stands out against my wide neck and aren’t too long for my short neck. Best of all, they are a gun metal color and match almost perfectly the color and shape of the closures for a black and brown animal print jacket (previous purchase). Gold jewelry is usually expected with animal print, so these are a nice surprise:

I bought these ($11.20) and will return them because they dangle too long. Aside from too much movement being distracting to others, they hit the collar on my blouse:

I tried these ($11.20)also, but they didn’t look as good on my face as they did on the rack:

These were also a no-go ($8.40). I was trying to find something for that animal print jacket mentioned above. They just didn’t have the power to stand up against that WILD look.

My total bill for the items I kept (including tax): $43.14. Who says shopping isn’t fun; I can’t wait to wear them! Be sure to share some of your great purchases as you fight the holiday crowds! Happy shopping and may you always look great!

Pat Roland, Certified Total Image Consultant