WONDERING WOMAN: I love the faux fur vests that are so trendy right now. I’m larger on the bottom than on the top so I thought the faux fur would work well. But something’s off when I’ve tried them on. Can you help? –Amber O.

ANSWER: Although faux fur vests may seem like a trend, as with all trends, there is a way to be on-trend without being trendy. A fur vest is very classic, as long as you keep the fur looking as close to real as possible. With your smaller upper body, a faux fur vest would be great. Note, however, that the fur will add weight and thus a patterned fur will add even more weight, so be careful. While I often suggest wearing blazers approximately 1″ longer than the widest point of a wide hip, this won’t work with a fur vest. The furriness of the vest hitting immediately above the widest point will work because it de-emphasizes the hip line.

For individuals with larger upper bodies, fur vests can be a challenge. Keeping the color dark, the “hair” short (faux mink or sable) will help to keep your upper body weight in control. If you can find one with vertical lines and a longer length, that would also make the body line more balanced.

No matter what your shape, a faux fur vest is considered outerwear rather than a clothing item. If you are looking for a vest for layering purposes, strive for a sweater vest with a faux fur collar. As I am ever mindful of extending wardrobe items, look for a sweater vest with a removable collar!

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC