Capes are a lot of fun, but are they worth the investment?

I visited Greece in 2007 and saw a black suede cape that was trimmed in fur. When I put it on I was channeling “Maria” from West Side Story . . . “I feel pretty, oh so pretty.” Since we were there celebrating my birthday, my wonderful husband offered to purchase it as a gift for me. I saw myself prancing about Cedar Rapids, Iowa, wearing this fabulous cape. Then reality set in. Oh, I’d wear it (that’s one of the benefits of being a little older—you can get away with more). The biggest problem was when I would wear it. Fall weather in the Midwest is not stable: 60 degrees and sunny (way too warm for a suede/fur poncho); cold and rainy (don’t want to ruin the beautiful suede); or freezing (way too cold for a poncho that will blow up in the blustery wind).

Capes tend to look best with slim fitting clothing on the lower body—skinny jeans, pencil skirt. Otherwise, the eye sees the billowing cape and thinks everything is that large. Slim fitting clothing on the lower part of the body tells the eye that your body is slender under the cape, also.

Capes seem to come in and out of “fashion” every five years. If you can find a beautiful classic cape, it will never really go out of style. And the length is very important: too short and it will make you look top heavy; too long and it will get caught in everything you pass.

Would you invest your hard-earned dollars on a cape?

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC