Polka dots appear everywhere this year. They say fun and feminine. (Have you ever seen a man wear polka dots?) Polka dots are considered a pattern and if you’ve attended any of my Body Awareness classes, you know that patterns tend to make us look larger. So, as a general rule, polka dots will make you look larger. Another aspect of polka dots is the circle. Circles tell our brain “fullness” (aka larger).

If you are a smaller-sized person, polka dots can be a great friend. They add fullness to help keep you in balance. However, make sure the polka dots size is in proportion to your frame size. Petite people should lean towards smaller polka dots.

If you are a larger woman and polka dots are your favorite pattern, don’t despair. You can wear a smaller polka dot (which translates into a small, all-over pattern), decreasing the impact of the pattern. Another option is to wear a tone-on-tone polka dot.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC