Leather is big every year and Fall 2011 is no exception. The question is whether you can wear leather in a professional office setting. While a short leather skirt with zippers can scream “biker babe,” a classic knee-length pencil or A-line style skirt in leather can be office appropriate. Make sure it isn’t too tight–it should skim over your hips without molding to them.

Since a leather skirt can appear cold and harsh, you will need to soften it. Pair it with a soft, blousy top (belted if you’ve got the figure), a soft cashmere sweater or a wooly blazer. Turtlenecks are acceptable as long as they are soft and not black. Black head to toe will garner you attention of the negative kind. While leather blazers are beautiful, pairing them with a leather skirt is too much leather in a professional setting (if you didn’t know before, suede is considered leather).

When wearing a leather skirt, steer clear of the leather boots. Black tights and black heels are a great combination with a black leather skirt. If you are wearing black tights, stick to black shoes rather than go for the pop-of-color look. Nude hose are also appropriate with a leather skirt—especially if you are lucky enough to find a leather skirt in a softer color—brown or ivory. If you keep the rest of your clothing soft or classic, your leather skirt will remain professional.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC