WONDERING WOMAN: Can I wear white pants after Labor Day?

ANSWER:Labor Day is headed our way and many fashionistas have plans to box up their white pants, skirts, shoes and purses because they know the rule. Yes, THAT rule. The one that says no white after Labor Day. The history of this rule is usually attributed to separation of the classes. The wealthy elite could afford a separate wardrobe to deal with the heat, while the commoners were stuck wearing the same dark clothes they wore the rest of the year.

The well-dressed woman selects clothing based on her body shape and the activity. This year Labor Day is September 5 and if the heat index is over 100 degrees on September 6, I’m probably going to be grabbing clothing that is light weight and light colored to keep me cool. That may mean a white skirt. I probably won’t be wearing white shoes, mostly because I don’t believe white shoes are the best choice for a white skirt (think neutral to extend the length of your leg). And a plain white purse would never be a choice for me no matter what the temperature!

Conversely, if it’s raining on November 26 in the Midwest, I am probably NOT going to grab my white pants–even if the fabric weight is the same as my black jeans. The main reason is that on a rainy November day there are likely to be mud puddles and I don’t want mud to be splashed on my white/off-white pants or any other light-colored clothing.

If you have a good reason to wear white after Labor Day, then be a rebel and go for it.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC