The Iowa tax-free holiday weekend is almost upon us (Aug 5-6). Be carefully aware of what you are doing when you head out to the malls. Remember, it’s not a “great deal” if:

  1. You don’t need it. That isn’t the same as “you don’t have anything to wear with it.” Of course, you can always find another pair of pants to wear or another pair of shoes that aren’t already in your closet. The question is not whether you have anywhere to wear it, but whether you already have something, close enough, to wear.
  2. You don’t’ have anything else to go with it. Back to the Rule of Three. If it doesn’t go with at least three other items already in your closet, it’s not a great deal because you will ultimately have to purchase more items (aka more money) to coordinate with it. If not, it sits in your closet taking up space and getting dusty (aka more laundry or dry-cleaning bills).
  3. It doesn’t fit properly. Check the shoulders, do they droop. Drooping shoulders (even if it is in fashion) make us look droopy and tired. Not usually the look we are going for. If you didn’t wear Spanx to the mall in the first place, then chances are you will not wear Spanx enough to want to put them on just to fit into that skirt. The exception to this rule is if the sale price is so good that when you add the cost of tailoring it to your body proportions, it is still a good deal.
  4. It needs repair. If a button is missing, you are going to have to spend time (aka time is money) to fix it. If there is a spot on it, you will need to spend time and possibly money to get it to the point of wearability.

Before you head out shopping, pretend you are a local school and you are preparing a list of items the children will need to start school. Most parents only buy what is on the list. Shop for yourself like you would shop for your child’s back-to-school supplies. If it’s not on the list, you get to buy one “splurge” item. Since the tax-free holiday only applies to purchases that are under $100, that should keep you from splurging too much!

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC