We all know it will come some day and my day arrived on June 1. At 2:15p, while meeting with a client, I received an e-mail notifying me of a family emergency in Florida. I arrived at home and found a flight leaving at 6:10p THE SAME DAY. Since the airport was 1.5 hrs away, I had exactly 30 minutes to pack. The knowledge of my wardrobe and my “Rule of Three” saved me–everything that I purchase has to coordinate with at least three other items already in my closet or I don’t purchase it.

I grabbed my denim skirt, a black skort, white jeans and 7 tops (this was a family emergency so career clothes were not considered).

The above items carried me through 2 1/2 weeks of the trip. Unfortunately the last thing on the trip turned out to be a funeral and I needed different clothes. Again, my knowledge of my wardrobe and organization led me to send the following instructions to my spouse:

  • Navy dress w/short sleeves and zipper up front (zipper is hidden so will not be obvious)
  • Navy pumps (shoe organizer behind the door).
  • Black gored skirt, longer length. I have 2 shorter skirts that are slimmer, but this one is longer and is fuller at the knee than at the waist
  • Black, pink and white knit top. It is hanging in the closet on the lower rack on the left side.
  • Black sling-back shoes (shoe organizer behind the door). There are actually 2 pair of sling-back black shoes. One has a peep toe, other has a pointy toe. I prefer the pointy toe sling-back shoes.
  • Silver necklace set in a sheer white bag on the peg board near the door. The necklace is all silver and has approx. 3 tiers forming a “v” the earrings are in the same bag.
  • Large silver earrings. Left side drawer of the little drawer on top of the dresser. These earrings are more rectangular than circular. If you can’t figure out which ones, just find some larger silver earrings. There should be several pair to choose from.
  • Short black slip in the second drawer on the left side of my dresser. There might be 2 black slips and I need the shorter one so I can wear it with both outfits. If you cannot find a black slip, a white or beige one will suffice. The slip should be no longer than 18”.

My spouse is an engineer and doesn’t relish going through a woman’s closet. But the trooper that he is, followed my directions and sent me this photo of what he pulled together. Exactly everything I asked for, which he brought to me when he came for the funeral.

These types of events are stressful enough and I am grateful that I didn’t have to stress about my wardrobe. Could your wardrobe survive the 30 Minute Challenge?

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC