The general rule of thumb is that the later the wedding, the fancier the event. Start with a simple day dress for morning weddings and progress to a cocktail dress for evening ceremonies. If the event is outside, you need to be prepared for changing weather conditions. Most importantly, your outfit needs to stand the modesty test when the breeze is blowing! Fuller skirts that can catch the breeze and blow up or wrap dresses that don’t stay wrapped don’t work well in this environment.  Don’t forget the other end of the dress—the top. If you plan to be dancing the night away, a strapless dress may cause “wardrobe malfunction” issues. Steer clear of white as that is traditionally reserved for the bride. However, for a formal evening wedding, a black dress can be very sophisticated. Make sure your black dress is accessorized appropriately to ensure no one thinks you are in mourning. While weddings usually call for a dress some people may need to wear a pantsuit. Choose one that  dressy rather than a stern business look.

While everyone wants a “perfect” wedding day, I’ve never heard of a wedding that didn’t have some sort of glitch. My wedding was no exception. The florist delivered the flowers to the reception location rather than the church! We finally got things straightened out, but all pre-wedding photos were sans flowers.

Did your wedding go smoothly? Share your story.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC