WONDERING WOMAN QUESTION: Do artificial nails undermine a professional image?

ANSWER: What exactly is the deal with artificial nails. Can they undermine your professional image? Whether your nails are artificial or not, the real cause for concern is whether they are taking attention away from you, like these “flower power” nails. This would also be true of natural nails painted with a strange color such as black or pictures of the Easter Bunny. When you are making a presentation, do you want people to be looking at your presentation or at your nails?

During my Certification Training, the Director of the institute indicated that nails done in a classic french manicure look were professional. However, I recently had my nails done in this manner and even though the length was appropriate for an active life, for the next two weeks every time I spoke, people’s attention were on my hands. (I use a lot of gestures when speak.) The bright whites of the french manicure in the picture on the right are too long and glaring, which can be distracting. Ultimately, the best look is one where your nails are clean and at a length where you can do what you want to do (without having to worry about breaking a nail or asking for help from others). This can be done with artificial nails or natural nails.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC