Of course you need to know your colors and body shape in order to start feeling good in what you wear. But you need to do something else, something you can start right now . . . create your “Favorite Things” book. As I look through catalogs, magazine or even online, when I see something I just love, I cut it out or print it out and keep it in my Pat’s Fav’s Folder. Most of the items wouldn’t look good on me even if I could afford them. That’s not the point. The point of your own Fav’s Folder is the fun of looking. To me, it’s like looking at art work. I like the feeling I get when I see something. Then, someday, I might put something on that brings back that same feeling. If so, I buy it! Here are a couple of items from my Fav’s Folder.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC