At the end of many of my classes, students fill out evaluation sheets. I’ve begun to notice that people want more ideas on what to wear to work. So, I’ll be sending out WTW (Wear To Work) Reports when I find things that are appropriate for work, with a short comment on why it’s good for work or how I might jazz it up a bit.

WTW 042011 shows a find from the recent Talbots catalog:

This crisp white peasant blouse is paired beautifully with a bright green skirt. The skirt sits flat against the abdomen (don’t want any extra bulk there!), and then pleats start a bit lower. This keeps the skirt from being too narrow, which is great for those of you with heavier thighs. This width is between the slim pencil skirt and the fuller A-line skirt. The best part is the white buttons down the front. That vertical line slenderizes the lower part of the body and balances out that bit of fullness. With the peasant-blouse look, you could wear a medium sized bangle. But just one. Save the multiple-bangle look for mixing with your casual clothes.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC