I love the hunt for a great deal, so I stop at consignment shops now and then. I often walk out empty handed because if a particular item doesn’t work with at least three other items in my closet, I walk on by.

Yesterday I stopped at Crazy Daisy in Cedar Rapids. As I entered the doors, I noticed “pink ticket” items were 25% off. As usual, I perused the entire store and stockpiled items I find interesting. (Once you know your colors and the styles that look best on your body, this can be done quite quickly.) I headed to the dressing room with about 10 items. As I tried them, I sorted them into two groups: possible and no-way. When all was said and done, I had three possibilities. Now is the time to check the price. Never, never, never look at the price first because we tend to like things because they are such a great deal. This is not a reason to purchase.

Red, black, white, hot pink, and electric blue–all colors from my palette. The red shoes have kitten heels (a rarity these days) with leather uppers AND leather soles. The black and white polka-dot blazer is from Talbot’s with princess seaming and actually fits across the chest. The Victor multi-colored blouse was 100% silk. Low and behold, a miracle! All three of the items had pink tickets! That doesn’t happen often so I snagged those babies up and headed for the checkout. My bill for all three items was less than $50! Who doesn’t love that!

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC