The neutrals and nudes are big for spring and this is great when it comes to shoes. Kohl’s recent flier was filled with shoe and purse options. When you wear a neutral shoe (one that is a similar shade to your leg color) the shoe “disappears” and the leg line is extended. Who doesn’t love longer legs? While the cage/gladiator shoe might be all the rage, they make the foot look chunky and they shorten the leg line. However, the closer you get to your skin tone, the less chunky the shoe will appear. Think beige, bronze, tan or brown, like this choice from

When choosing a shoe, consider more than the heel height. Don’t forget how the shoe secures to your foot. A buckle fastener takes more time to put on! If you’re like me, I am looking for a shoe that is easy to enter/exit. I purchased a pair last year that were casual and neutral color, but I needed to buckle a strap every time I wanted to wear them. Of course I eventually I stretched out the small strip of elastic near the buckle because I never took the time to buckle and unbuckle them.

Cage/gladiator shoes often come with a zipper up the back. Not only  is this waaay cool, but it makes entry/exit much easier! Leafing through People Style Watch, I found a great pair advertised for  JCPenney’s. Being a smart shopper, I called them up to make sure they had my size. They had them, they held them, but I didn’t purchase them. Alas, the back of the shoe was so stiff because of the zipper, that it dug into my ankle.

The search continues . . .

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC