Those white marks that you see on your shoes in the middle of the winter are the result of the salt that is used on the roads and parking lots to remove the ice. You step out of your car into the slush and soon you will find the stains on your boots, trousers and the bottom half of your coats. Even if you are careful when you walk through parking lots, the same salt ends up on your car and getting in and out leaves marks on your clothing.

If you have marks on your clothing, first determine if they are just surface marks or if they have set in. Surface marks can be brushed away gently. The key here is to be gentle so you do not cause more harm. If a gentle brushing of the area does not work, then clean following the manufacturer’s care instructions. NOTE: I usually care for my clothing one step better than the manufacturer suggests. When in doubt, wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Unless you’ve been rolling around in the dirt, a delicate wash is plenty to get the clothes clean.

For leather boots, first use a slightly damp paper towel (or soft cloth). If that doesn’t work, try leather cleaner or head over to your local shoe repair shop and have them cleaned and polished. Many repair shops will do this while you wait and charge less than $10. Treat yourself and ask for a water resistant spray treatment so future marks will be more easily removed.

Don’t forget the bottom of your coat. Your car has white salt markings and whenever you enter or exit your vehicle, your coat often comes in contact with your vehicle. Again, try a gentle rub, progressing to a slightly damp cloth or professional cleaning if the stain is stubborn.

Then get your car washed. It will brighten your spirits more than you can imagine!

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC
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