Women aren’t the only ones who want to improve their image. Men also want to look vibrant and energetic. Yes, I do work with men and in the last month I’ve worked with two men who have been very surprised to learn that knowing their correct color palette can make a world of difference. Since men don’t wear makeup (as a general rule) knowing which colors make their eyes sparkle and which colors cause their hair to look healthier can give them a new outlook on life.

And not all striped shirts are created equal. If a man’s shoulder line is more diagonal than horizontal, avoid wide, unevenly spaced stripes as it will emphasize the slope and make shoulders look more slouched. Try a small plaid as it will keep the eye moving and take attention away from the drooping shoulder. This is especially important for larger men when they need a wider neck opening, causing the shoulder line to fall lower than their natural shoulder line.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC
My Everyday Image