Welcome to Guest Blogger, Karla Anton, Certified Bra Fitter.

Caring f or your investments is basic good sense. Your foundations are helping you to look your best. Make sure you keep your foundations looking their best.

Always wash a new bra before wearing. Note: Do not fold your bra cups into one another! While it is best to hand-wash your bras, you can wash your bras in your washer. If washing in the machine, use a lingerie bag and make sure the hooks are clasped (remember, do not fold one cup into the other). When using a washing machine, make sure you use the gentle cycle and wash with other light weight items.  (If there are zippers on your other clothing, make sure they are zipped.) Avoid harsh or stain-removing detergents as they are too hard for your delicate lingerie. While Woolite is great for delicate items, it is recommended for natural fabrics only, thus it can be hard on bras because of the elastic. I recommend Essential Wash, Ivory Snow or Dreft. Please, NO FABRIC SOFTENER, as it destroys the molded cup of the bra.

It is best to dry your bras on a flat surface. If you must hang them to dry (laundry line, hanger or shower rod), drape over the line with the bra centered.  DO NOT HANG your bra from shoulder strap when it is wet as doing so will warp the cups at an angle. Most importantly, NEVER dry your bras in the dryer—even if you have a delicate cycle.

The bra rules:

  1. Wash bras BEFORE you wear them!
  2. Your bra will last about 100 wears and then it’s not as supportive as it once was before.
  3. Don’t wear your bra more than one day in a row. Give it 24 hours rest or the elastic will stretch out faster.
  4. Don’t fold one cup into the other when storing your bra. Stack one bra on top of the other to store.
  5. It may take up to three weeks to break in your bras.

Karla Anton
Certified Bra Fitter