Dealing with cold mornings, warm afternoons and chilly evenings can cause most of us to stand in front of our closet in the morning and wonder what the heck we are going to wear. Remember what you did last spring? That’s right, time for layering again!

This is a great time to reach into your closet for the jacket from a suit you no longer wear. Neutral colors work best as they coordinate with most of your clothing. Try black, navy, brown, camel and ivory. If there is a bold pattern to the jacket(like the pattern on the left), you need to make sure the color in the jacket matches what you are wearing. However, if the pattern is more subtle (like the center one), it often disappears when you step back a couple of feet. For instance, the overall color of the pattern is black with subtle blue stripes. Step back a few feet and the blue almost disappears. Because of this, you can consider wearing whatever you might have worn with a plain black suit jacket—like purple!

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC
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