Berry Lips! Oversize Bags! Patterned Stockings! Who can wear this look?

Berry lips look good on most people, as long the color has more pink than brown (not cotton candy pink!). The first time you try a berry lip color (these are from Mary Kay Cosmetics) you’ll say “Oh, I can’t wear this; it’s too bright for me!” If you’ve been working the nude look for a while, wearing berry will be a shock to your system. Push past this fear. It will take you a week to get used to the look, but only one day to get used to the compliments!

Oversize bags (like this one from are fun and casual. If you are a tiny person, make sure your hobo bag isn’t overpowering you. Large hips? Adjust the straps so your bag doesn’t hit at the widest point (adding more bulk). Many oversize bags have one large compartment that makes finding a pen frustrating. Try using smaller bags inside the larger bag–different textures, sizes and colors–for quick identification.

Are patterned stockings (available through right for you? The first rule of dressing well is body balance. Textures and patterns call attention to themselves and may make your legs look heavier. If you are striving for a professional look, leave the patterned stockings for date night. If you simply must wear them in the office, make sure the pattern is very subtle. A general rule (and even more important in a professional setting) is that patterned/textured stockings should be worn with solid neutrals.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC

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