The dog days of summer are upon us. Even with the air conditioning on, your makeup starts to melt and clothes stick to your body—and not usually in an attractive location! Some thoughts on staying cool and looking fabulous even in the heat.

Stay away from hot beverages. That morning cup of java might be what you need to get you started but is often followed by a slight hot flash (no matter what your age). Try iced coffee/ice or an energy drink to beat the heat and wake you up.

Layer less. Layers are great for changing temperatures, but when the heat index is over 90, those extra layers really aren’t your friend. If you usually wear a camisole so that your low cut blouses are appropriate for office attire, look into the Bosom Button (available through Amazon). Be careful of how they might impact your clothing. While a stud earring might be similar, the backs aren’t sharp enough to go through clothing without leaving a mark. Another trick is the modesty panels.  These allow for versatility as they add coverage without adding bulk.

Exception to layering less—slips. Ugh you say? Maybe you think they went out with the dark ages, but slips can be your friend. Skirts are usually cooler than pants in the summertime since they allow more air to circulate. Slips keep cotton skirts from sticking to your skin and also keep your skirt opaque. Look for slips that are approximately 2-5 inches shorter than your skirt.

A spritz of water can work wonders. A light mist on your neck, wrist or behind your knees can instantly refresh. Careful not to spray too close to clothing that might be damaged by water, i.e. silk.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC

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