With all the colorful clothes women wear in the summer, they often try to match their shoes to their outfit. While matching shoes to your outfit may you feel coordinated, you may also find that it may not be the most complimentary for your overall look.

Most women want their legs to look longer. The look on the right causes the feet to look chunky because of the weight of the shoe and the high contrast of color. Thus when wearing skirts, capris or shorts, look for shoes that match your skin tone. The idea is to keep the eye moving. This is the same concept used when wearing black shoes and black hose with black pants. The eye continues all the way to the point of your foot, extending it as far as possible.

Taylor Swift is absolutely adorable no matter what she is wearing! She has long and shapely legs. However, in the photo on the right her legs look heavier and shorter. The green shoes cause the eye to stop when it sees the first horizontal line of the T strap in a color different from her legs. The shoes in the image on the right are also the T strap style. However because the color is harmonious with her skin tone, the shoes are barely noticeable. The look on the left is more casual while the one on the right is more polished.

Remember, the point to making your legs look longer is to keep the eye moving. Whenever there is a change in color, the eye stops. The more obvious the change in color, the long the eye hesitates before moving on.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC

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