A question I am often asked is whether someone should wear a scoop neck or a v-neck top or dress. The open neckline of both styles accomplishes two very important things: brings the attention up to the face area and elongates the neck, which most women want. But all things are not created equal. There are differences between the two:

A scoop neckline suggests roundness and fullness. If your upper body is smaller than your lower body, this neckline would help your upper body appear larger to create balance. An hour-glass body shape can also be enhanced by a scoop neckline—especially when wearing a fuller skirt. Those figures that are basically straight up and down might also consider the round neckline to bring curves into the picture. The soft line of the scoop neck suggests a more feminine style and you will often see scoop necks with ruffles to continue that softness.

With its straight lines, the diagonal line that is created with a v neckline will suggest flatness. The diagonal line also minimizes the upper body because the eye follows the line rather than seeing fullness. This is a great trick if you have a larger upper body due to a large bust line or wide shoulders. Straight lines are authoritative and suggest a more masculine look. This is why many women’s business suits have straighter lines rather than lots of ruffles. In the business environment, straight lines suggest power rather than femininity.

Your clothes become more versatile when you restructure the neckline with jewelry. The trick is to make sure the jewelry overrides the neckline with the use of bold pieces. Create a v-neck with a heavy chain and a pendant, or a necklace that creates the “v” automatically. Soften a v-neckline with necklaces that form the scoop around your neck. By using a necklace with round or somewhat rounded beads, you will create a more feminine line.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC


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