Before you do anything, you need to first check your company’s dress code policy. If wearing hosiery (which is considered more professional and polished) is part of the dress code, then you wear hosiery. Whoever writes the check gets to make the decision. You might consider thigh-high hosiery as they might be a bit cooler in the summer. If you are required to wear hosiery then be careful of the number one rule when wearing hosiery—no strappy sandals! While you might be able to get away with a peep toe shoe, strappy sandals with hosiery is a faux pas. If your office is conservative enough to require hosiery, then make sure your shoes are also conservative.

What about offices that allow individuals to bypass hosiery. The next consideration is not whether you can but whether you should. If you have nice legs then you may have a choice to skip the hosiery. However, if you legs are shocking white, a pair of hosiery will tone them down a bit. Nude colors are best rather than trying to change the color of your legs. This will look strange if the rest of your skin color is markedly different than your leg skin color. If your legs are splotchy, have visible spider veins or other types of flaws, consider wearing hosiery as it will cause your legs to look more attractive. Again, thigh-high hosiery are a great option for the summer weather.

May you always look great!

Pat Roland, CTIC
www.My Everyday